Spring Clean Up

In the spring we will remove all leaves, sticks and debris from the lawn and all mulch beds that have fallen amongst the yard as a result of the winter months. All debris will either be relocated to another area on the property or removed completely. Our spring landscaping will leave your yard looking clean and ready for the new season.

Lawn Dethatching and Over Seeding

Lawn dethatching is the removal of dead grass from the lawn which allows vital nutrients into the soil and prepares the lawn for reseeding. When over seeding is provided, you are planting new grass that can establish a new, deep root system to fill in thin areas and provide a full, luscious lawn. The perfect spring landscaping service for getting your New Hampshire lawn ready for summer.

Shrub Trimming / Tree Pruning

The trimming of any desired shrubs throughout the property and the removal of all debris from the area. The pruning of trees that are starting to invade driveway, patio or sitting areas, walkways, or those that are too close to your house. All branches will be cleaned up and removed from the property.

Mulch Bed Edging

Hand edging of all mulch beds throughout the property in preparation for mulch. This spring landscaping service provides a crisp, fresh lawn edge to clearly distinguish and emphasize the mulch beds on your property.

Bark Mulch

Bark mulch is offered in a variety of different colors and is typically spread 1-2 inches thick unless otherwise desired by the customer. The colors we offer to our customers include: light brown, dark brown, hemlock (red color enhanced) and Black (color enhanced).