Fall Clean Up

After the majority of the leaves have fallen, we will remove all leaves, sticks and debris from the lawn as well as all mulch beds. Our fall landscaping clean up will leave your yard perfectly clean and all prepared for the winter months.

Leaf Pile Removal

If you enjoy doing your own clean up but don’t have the means of getting rid of the leaf piles you have, don’t worry! Firman Lawn Care, LLC offers leaf pile removal by means of our leaf vacuum. Just leave your piles near the road or driveway and call us to take them away for you.

Core Aerating and Over Seeding

Core aeration increases the penetration of air, water and nutrients into the root system, stimulating new root development and encouraging a thicker turf growth, by putting small holes in your lawn. Once aerating is complete, it is good to over seed so that new grass can establish a strong root growth before the winter.

Lawn Lime Application

The application of lime to the lawn to help “green up” the lawn for the fall. Also helps to balance soil ph. levels. Our specialists can help you determine if this fall landscaping service is right for your lawn.