Answering Your Lawn Care Questions

Maintaining a healthy, beautiful lawn in New Hampshire is no small task. We’ve gathered our most common lawn care questions and listed them below. For more specific questions or in-depth answers, please don’t hesitate to contact our landscaping team to discuss your next landscaping project or lawn maintenance plan.

We price all jobs individually and give you a cost for the job as a whole based on the time we believe it will take to complete the job. We do not directly charge by the hour for the work we do, therefore our customer knows the cost of the project ahead of time.
Getting a quote from us is easy and pain free. Just simply fill out the “request a free quote” form on our website or give us a call to set up an appointment. Simply describe what services you are interested in and a company representative will contact you, acknowledging we received your inquiry. Then sales representative will look at your property and return a quote to you promptly.
At Firman Lawn Care, LLC we typically mow once a week however in the summertime when the lawn growth tends to slow down, the cutting routine may be pushed to about every 10 days.
We offer commercial snow plowing services for Bedford, NH and Manchester, NH. We also provide salt and Calcium Chloride applications to help with ice issues in parking lots and walkways.
We currently do not take credit cards.
Yes! We recently expanded our lawn care services to the Rye, Rye Beach, and North Hampton areas. We can work together to build a landscaping package that fits your exact needs. Contracts can be for one-time landscaping projects or for seasonal maintenance plans.